I am a standard loser who has spent my life in endless life exploration and artistic experimentation, and all my projects end up in failure and are set aside by new ideas

I have no job, no income, do not sell or exhibit my work, do not participate in exhibitions or any collective form of art activity

I travel around the world every day, sometimes even three countries in one day.

Sooner or later, people who know me will ask me: What do you do? How have you survived? Are you a gangster? Do you deal in drugs?

When I was young I said, "My life is my art.

Now I say, "I am art.

All my experiences are derived through empirical evidence

No one can understand my life and art in the environment I live in, certainly not myself!

My life and creation are boundless, difficult to summarize and describe, and this "I" is always on the road.