Why did I choose to make art?


This has to do with life and death

I never met my grandfather, because he was the head of the village, the old township chief, both civil and martial arts, the founding of the new China Mao Zedong in Lijiang City banquet invited all the gentry to dinner, one of my grandfather went and never came back.

I never met my grandfather, he was a scholar and his family had a lot of money, but he was killed by the British opium cream.

I never met my second uncle, who was admitted to Tsinghua University from Lijiang before the Cultural Revolution, but was criticized and humiliated and committed suicide.

My mother was a schizophrenic, but no one ever knew about her condition until the last two years before she passed away in a mental hospital. The doctor told me that according to genetics you may also be sick ......

I've been a serious patient since I was three years old.

Since I was three years old I have been seriously exploring the world, why are we here? What are we doing here? Where are we going? I asked everyone around me, but never found the answer. After that I became a deeply depressed person. Until one day at the age of 15, when I was walking by the lake, I suddenly saw the world turn gray, the streets of the pedestrians as zombies, collective unconscious action, routine, week after week, meaningless.

I knew that if I stayed here would become the same as them, I seemed to see the truth of the world, and decided to leave the world in a "suicidal" way, to go to a better place.

The moment I killed myself, I had a miracle. The next day I started to work in art until now

If art can create a better world, I am willing to give everything for it!